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Susan Kippen

South Shore Natural Healing
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Marshfield, Mass
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Space Clearing

Improve Your Life

Sometimes an individual's personal experience can be effected by the space that they are living or working in. Physical dwellings can become permeated, energetically, with the ongoing experiences that have taken place in them. Also, previously deceased occupants sometimes choose to stay within their home instead of moving into the light.

Imprinted energies within a dwelling, will often be experienced consciously and / or subconsciously by the occupants. Unless a person knows how to discern what is theirs and what belongs to another, they will react to whatever is there as though it is all their own. Thoughts and emotions are energy and they create certain energetic patterns that can be felt on various levels. In some instances, reactive patterns can become built up over time so that the space within the home or work environment seems to control the people. A toxic space can be overwhelming. In some cases, space clearing can be a very important factor in one's healing. This is easily accomplished with a Shamanic Distant Healing Technique.


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